Ricki Lake eloped with Christian Evans so their ceremony would be all about them.

The chat show host and her spouse shunned a lavish ceremony to tie the knot in secret on a Californian beach earlier this month, with the only guests their dogs.

Explaining their reasoning, Ricki - who was runner up on 'Dancing With The Stars' last year - told US TV show 'The View': '''Dancing With the Stars' was such an experience where I felt like I was a princess twice a week.

''I got to get all the attention and the accolades and I didn't need that on my wedding day. I really wanted it to be about us.''

Ricki,43, said she's still getting used to married life, but is over the moon with her new husband.

She told TV show 'Good Morning America': ''It was a week ago and I am so, so happy to be with him. Better late than never. He is my soul mate. I was ready for that right person to come into my life.''

Ricki had invited her sons, Milo, 15, and Owen, 10, but they were with their father, Rob Sussman - who she divorced in 2005 - instead.

She added: ''It was Easter break. It was spring break and it was actually Easter Sunday and they were with their father. We invited them, but I think they were more concerned with what cake they were missing versus the ceremony.

''We celebrated with them and they've always felt like Christian is a stepfather to them anyway so they're really happy for us.''