Rocker Rick Springfield has swapped his car for a bicycle following his Dui conviction this year (12) and has vowed not to drink and drive "ever again".

The Jessie's Girl singer was arrested in Los Angeles last year (11) on suspicion of being drunk behind the wheel, and in August (12) he agreed a plea deal with prosecutors and avoided a stint behind bars.

He was sentenced to three years probation after pleading no contest to reckless driving, but even though he is allowed to continue using his car, the star has decided to take up cycling instead.

He tells, "I was two minutes from home and I got stopped 20 seconds from my house. It worked out okay, I got my licence back and I started riding my bike to work out and now I ride my bike a couple of miles to my workout place and then home again and I do that even though I've got my licence back."

Springfield also admits he deeply regrets his Dui arrest because it was so embarrassing for his wife.

He adds, "I'll never drink and drive ever again. Everyone's done it. The drag for me is my family because my wife gets embarrassed. If I wasn't in the public eye no one would give a s**t... But to my family it's their dad, their husband and it's really hard on them and that's what upsets me the most."