LATEST: Movie producer Rick Solomon is planning a double legal attack to keep a sex video he made with ex-girlfriend Paris Hilton off the internet and to clear his name.

Solomon has hired top Hollywood lawyer MARTIN SINGER to represent him as he fights to keep a three-year-old explicit sex video, which he claims was stolen from his home, away from the public.

And Solomon is also considering filing a suit against the Hilton family over "defamatory statements" they've made, inferring that Paris may have been unconscious when he made the video.

Meanwhile, Solomon's estranged wife Shannen Doherty has offered her support to her angry husband.

She says, "It's a private moment between two people and that tape should never have gotten out."

Meanwhile, a portion of the tape is already making the rounds on the Internet and a Seattle-based company is planning to sell the entire sex romp.

12/11/2003 09:10