LATEST: Movie producer Rick Solomon has filed a $10 million (GBP6.25 million) lawsuit against ex-girlfriend Paris Hilton, after a video of the couple having sex was leaked online.

Solomon - now married to actress SHANNEN DOHERTY - is also suing Paris's spokeswoman SIRI GARBER and her parents, RICK and Kathy Hilton, for slander.

His lawyer MARTIN SINGER filed a complaint in the LOS ANGELES SUPERIOR COURT on Wednesday (12NOV03) alleging the defendants had "aimed at portraying Solomon as a criminal who took advantage of an incapacitated young woman", and they "claimed that Hilton was so out of it that she could not even hold herself up".

However, Singer argues "Hilton repeatedly posed and preened in front of the camera", before taking control of the camcorder and filming herself in the bathroom where she said "her breasts looked much better" in the light.

Solomon is suing the defendants for slander because they claimed Hilton could have been underage - although he says she was 21 when the video was filmed in May 2001.

The producer is also suing former pal DON THRASHER after he told the American TV show CELEBRITY JUSTICE he sold the tape to pornographer for $50,000 (GBP31,250) and then passed half the cash to Solomon - something he denies.

14/11/2003 17:37