The man allegedly at the centre of the PARIS HILTON sex tape scandal was a witness when her then-boyfriend wed his first wife.

Rick Solomon, who features in the video romp, has filed a police report against DON THRASHER, accusing him of

stealing the raunchy tape from his home, dubbing it and then returning it to make it appear as if it had never been missing.

But Thrasher has fired back - he claims Solomon was in on his plans to sell the sex tape, and that he received half of the proceeds.

And now it has been revealed by American scandal show CELEBRITY JUSTICE that Thrasher witnessed the 1995 Las Vegas, Nevada, wedding between Solomon and voiceover artist EG Daily.

Daily, who had two children with Salomon, filed for divorce in 2000, citing irreconcilable differences.

Solomon wed actress Shannen Doherty in February 2002. The couple reportedly annulled their marriage in August (03), according to Celebrity Justice.

21/11/2003 17:04