Heavyweight rapper Rick Ross loves to spice up his sex life by documenting his bedroom activity on his cell phone.

The Hustlin' hitmaker makes the revelation in his final advice column for Rolling Stone magazine, after one reader asks him whether he should try to convince his kindergarten teacher girlfriend to make a sex tape.

Ross replies, "Nah, man, give it a try. Every now and then I pull out my iPhone in bed, just to get a little clip. Nine times out of 10, she says, 'I was waiting for you to ask!'"

He also dishes out date night recipe suggestions for a female reader seeking to impress her boyfriend with a home-cooked meal, saying, "Try Italian. It could be real simple. Baked ziti, garlic bread, a little alcohol, some cookies. And some massage oil. It's very inexpensive, ladies."

Ross has been answering fans' questions for Rolling Stone as a guest columnist for the past month, and has doled out advice on everything from drug taking to workplace and romance troubles.