Rapper Rick Ross has defended his decision to reference slain Florida teen Trayvon Martin in a new track.

The hip-hop mogul has caused a stir by mentioning the 17 year old, who was shot dead by neighbourhood watch volunteer George Zimmerman in 2012, on Black & White, a song from his upcoming album Mastermind.

On the tune, he raps, "Trayvon Martin, I'm never missing my target," and now Ross has spoken out to explain his motivation for including the controversial topic in his material.

He tells Vibe.com, "It's so important that... on the two-year anniversary of the death of Trayvon Martin, we never forget that tragedy. I'm never going to let the world forget that name. In my song Black and White off Mastermind I say, 'Trayvon Martin, I'm never missing my target'. There I'm reminding people that if you're a black person or a person of any colour for that matter in this country, you have to be accurate, whatever moves you make, stay accurate. Even when you're walking down the street, playing music from your car, you have to stay on point.

"Black men are being killed and their killers (are) beating the trial. It hasn't been this much violence against black men since the '60s. I am Trayvon Martin, we're all Trayvon Martin. He was from south Florida. That could have been me or one of my homies (peers). So, stay alert and never miss your target. Whatever that target may be. Getting out the hood, providing from your family (sic). Stay sharp. Stay alive. Trayvon, rest in peace."

Zimmerman was cleared of murdering the unarmed youngerster last year (13) after claiming self-defence, a legal decision which has been blasted by a string of stars including Jay Z, Jamie Foxx, T.I. and Rihanna.

Ross previously used soundbites from witness Rachel Jeantel's testimony on his song I Wonder Why last year (13).