The Aston Martin Music rapper is facing aggravated assault, aggravated battery, and kidnapping charges for allegedly attacking groundskeeper Jonathan Zamudio at his Atlanta home in June (15).

Ross was released on $2 million (£1.4 million) bail, and had initially been placed on house arrest, until a judge overturned the order in October (15).

He still has to notify authorities before he plans to travel outside of the state of Georgia, and his attorney, Steven Sadow, has now appealed to a court official to grant him permission to fly to St. Martin, where he is booked for a show this spring (16).

Sadow tells he is also seeking permission for Ross to head to Europe for gigs.

In exchange, Ross has agreed to be accompanied by an attorney, who would hold on to his passport to prevent the rapper from fleeing. The star, who denies the charges, has also vowed not to fight extradition if he is caught on the wrong side of the law while on his travels.

The judge has yet to rule on the request.