Rapper Rick Ross has addressed his drive-by shooting for the first time and reveals police are struggling to come up with a suspect.

The Hustlin' hitmaker had a miraculous escape after a gunman peppered his Rolls Royce with bullets while he was driving through Florida last month (Jan13).

He smashed his car into a wall, but was left unscathed. After the near-death experience, Ross increased his security personnel so he is protected around the clock, and now he has spoken publicly about the terrifying ordeal for the first time.

Ross insists he wants to put the incident behind him and concentrate on his music, but admits cops have no leads in the investigation.

He tells MTV.com, "(There are) no suspects and we (are) not here to speculate on any suspects. I'm just staying positive, I'm moving forward and I'm just staying on top of my game. You most definitely gotta make some adjustments, but at the same time I'ma (sic) live my life and I'ma do what I love to do, and that's make music."