Given the mostly positive reaction to his latest release, God Forgives, I Don't, then there really isn't any need for forgiveness when it comes to the fifth album from Rick Ross.

The new album, which practically set out to serve as the cherry on top of a four-year rise up the rap game, does just as it set out to do if the first rounds of reviews are anything to go by.

Entertainment Weekly has perhaps spoken the highest of all critics so far, praising the album for it's huge beats and vocal delivery as well as the showpiece song '3 Kings' featuring Dr Dre and Jay Z. Reviewer Kyle Anderson sums up the album with an impressive A- score, saying "the first album that really feels like it was made by a boss."

Rolling Stone too have commended the album, calling it "[as] engrossing and surprising as rap can be." Hip-Hop publications have also been equally as flattering, with Hip Hop DX and calling the album "bold and indulgent" and "unabashedly fun and very easy to listen to" respectively.

Some negative press does exist, although nothing is entirely disapproving. One of the few reviews that point out the negatives comes from alternative music press Pitchfork, commenting that whilst "some great music on God Forgives" exists, "it is somewhat overshadowed by higher-profile misfires."