Rocker Rick Parfitt feared he would die from his 2011 heart attack because the pain he experienced was "excruciating".

The Status Quo singer/guitarist required an operation to clear a blocked artery and fit a stent after the health scare last December (11), and he subsequently underwent a second round of surgery.

Parfitt has now opened up about the drama, revealing he was "writhing in agony" as doctors prepared to treat him.

He tells Britain's Daily Mirror, "I honestly thought I was going to die. The pain was excruciating and I thought: 'This is it'. The whole of my upper body seized up with pain. You feel like you have an elephant on your chest. I thought, this is it, it's all going to go black any second.

"I was talking to a friend and said, 'I've got to go I'm not feeling very well'. I started to buckle up and he said 'I think you are having a heart attack'. They took me straight to Teddington Memorial Hospital (in England). I was writhing in agony but they stabilised me and said I'd had a heart attack.

"It's horrible to hear that. The doctor said: 'You've been lucky, a little clot went in and caused the heart attack but then it went straight out again. If it had lodged there you'd have been a goner'."

Parfitt defied doctors' advice to rest by taking to the stage at the National Exhibition Centre (Nec) venue in Birmingham, England with his bandmates just a day after the first operation - and he admits the decision infuriated his wife Lyndsay.

He adds, "On the day after the op I told them: 'I have a show to do at the Nec'. The surgeon said: 'You can't have a heart attack on Thursday, an operation on Friday and go on stage on Saturday, you can't'.

"I said 'I have got to do it'. My wife and doctor were furious, but I did it. The doctor said don't jump around too much as the stitches might open and you would get some serious bleeding.

"Everyone said don't be silly, don't do the show but I said I have got to. I went out of the hospital, drove to Nec and did the show. I think it was a great decision. The Christmas tour went ahead as normal. To be honest I had felt better, but I wasn't dead."