Members of Rick James' family who were hoping for a big pay day from the late funk star's will are set for a shock - the SUPER FREAK singer left an estate worth only $250,000 (GBP138,900).

In court documents obtained by American court show CELEBRITY JUSTICE, it seems James, real name JAMES AMBROSE JOHNSON JR, spent millions of dollars earned from his hit records before he died earlier this year (04).

But his former attorney, STEFFENY HOLTZ, who is now representing James' son TY JAMES, insists there is good news for the family - the superstar's back catalogue and upcoming memoirs are set to net them a fortune.

Holtz reveals, "Rick was working with some artists right before he passed away. I know Kanye West was working with Rick. There's a lot of music still that's going to come out.

"He also wrote a book, MEMOIRS OF A SUPER FREAK, that will soon be released."

Holtz claims James lost much of his fortune in legal struggles, including a $1.8 million (GBP1 million) pay out to a woman who sued him after he pleaded no contest to assault.

24/11/2004 21:02