Friends of the late SUPER FREAK's Rick James held a memorial at a Los Angeles club where regulars reportedly paid their respect by either blowing marijuana smoke or cocaine at a portrait of the singer.

The GIVE IT TO ME BABY star, who died on 6 August (04) from a suspected heart attack, was honoured by a funeral service in his hometown of Buffalo, New York - as well as at an after-hours-nightspot in California where guests paid homage to his renowned drug habit.

A source recalls James's at the Los Angeles club last Valentine's Day (14FEB04) where he was "with a mound of coke in front of him.

"He was wearing a bright red suit. He pointed to his mound of drugs and said to me, 'Dig in partner'."

James's manager KERRY GORDY attempted to help the singer battle his drug addiction.

He explains, "We tried a couple of rehabs with him, but I never thought they were long enough."

Gordy believes there be a scramble over his royalties.

He says, "I don't know if he left a will. I think it's going to get very nasty."

20/08/2004 16:57