Rick Astley has hinted that he could work with Dave Grohl on a collaboration in the future after they hung out at Summer Sonic Festival in August.

The 80s pop legend had never met the Foo Fighters frontman until moments before he joined them on stage at the event in Japan, which saw them ''rickroll'' prank the crowd by playing Nirvana's 'Smells Like Teen Spirit' mixed with Rick's biggest hit 'Never Gonna Give You Up'.

The 51-year-old Brit, who was lucky enough to get a huge from Dave, got on like a house on fire with the 48-year-old rocker and says anything could happy in regards to working with the band.

Speaking exclusively to BANG Showbiz about the surreal moment he joined the 'Run' rockers on stage for the real-life 'rickroll' - a viral prank involving Rick's music video for the 1987 song - he said: ''That was literally the first time I had met that band walking on stage and playing that song. Dave Grohl came over and gave me a huge and introduced himself, and then 20 minutes later he said right, 'We are bringing out a friend of ours and this is happening now.'

''We hung out a bit afterwards and they were really generous with their time with my band and crew as well. They were a really lovely bunch of guys.

''Over the years they must have got to a place where everybody that works with them is on it and you can feel that.

''They are probably one of the hardest working rock bands, they are really cool and laid back.''

Asked if there could be a Rick Astley and Foo Fighters song in the pipeline after Justin Timberlake recorded vocals on 'Make It Right' on their new LP 'Concrete and Gold', he said: ''There you go. It's funny that actually. I think it is really brave when artists like that do that.

''You might upset the audience, the critics etc. I think they just think, y' know what we are doing it.

''He's in the studio next door, we are doing it.''

Rick is now back home working on his follow-up to 2016's '50', but wants to work with other artists.

He said: ''I am going to try and write with some other people because I want to experience that.''

Asked what he's going to make Dave when he comes in and records his guest vocals at his home studio, he joked: ''Well Dave likes his coffee. Have you not been on YouTube and googled it? You need to do that.''