The Never Gonna Give You Up hitmaker has been with Lene Bausager since the height of his popularity in 1989, and he popped the question in 2001, but the couple kept putting off a wedding until three years ago, when they secretly exchanged vows in a casual ceremony.

"I have been with the same woman for 27 years but we only got married recently," Rick told the U.K.'s The Sun newspaper. "It was very, very casual. We had been engaged for 15 years but we were both very busy. We just didn't find a date in the diary."

And 50-year-old Rick admits the catalyst for the decision was the pair's 24-year-old daughter Emilie, whose off-the-cuff question led to an impromptu decision to finally make the relationship official.

"Our daughter was visiting us (in London) because she lives in Copenhagen and the three of us were in the living room," Astley recalled. "She said, 'Are you going to get married or what?' And we went, 'OK, let's do it!' So we just got married in the registry office. We just thought, 'Well, she is only home for a few weeks so let's do it!' We didn't tell anybody."

The wedding news comes as Rick emerges from retirement after a 23-year absence from the music industry. He released his eighth album, 50, last week (10Jun16) and it is unexpectedly battling for the top spot in the U.K. music charts.