Eighties pop star Rick Astley has been blasted into the outer reaches of the Earth's atmosphere after pranksters took their 'Rickrolling' campaign to new heights.
The singer has been the focus of online jokers for the last few years, who have lured music fans to websites promising exclusive videos by current artists - only to blast them with remixed versions of Astley's song Never Gonna Give You Up, or his old video.
The trick was dubbed 'Rickrolling' and the internet campaign landed Astley the Best Act Ever trophy at the 2008 MTV Europe Music Awards.
Now members of prank website Zug.com have taken the joke to a new level by attaching video screens and speakers to a space balloon, dubbed the 'Astleyroid' and shooting the device into the atmosphere to blast out the singer's best-known hit at a height of 30,000 metres (98,425 feet).
The prank was documented on the website and a statement reads, "If we could put a man on the moon, then surely we could put an 80s pop idol into space... We turned on the speakers, which blared Rick Astley in an endless loop... It took nearly 40 minutes for the 80s pop star to fall to the Earth, which is longer than his actual career freefall."