Eighties singer Rick Astley decided to retire from the music industry in 1993 to escape the relentless pressure of being recognised wherever he went.

The British NEVER GONNA GIVE YOU UP star, who makes his comeback with new album PORTRAIT this month (OCT05), was ill-prepared for the downside of fame when he hit the big time in 1987.

Astley, 39, says, "I did enjoy it. But it was very, very weird.

"You can blab on about seeing the other side of fame, but it doesn't mean s**t until it happens to you.

"It wasn't so much the going on TV, or going to award ceremonies, or having a camera focused on your face. It was being famous in the supermarket, being famous in a restaurant.

"Fame is not just about being able to get out of a limo in (London's) Leicester Square, it's about trying to get into your house when there are eight photographers outside.

"When you think about being famous, you don't think about all that stuff. You think about the glamour.

"I wanted to turn the tap off when I'd done my job. But you can't."