Rick Astley has a renewed appreciation for his 1987 hit NEVER GONNA GIVE YOU UP, insisting he couldn't relate to the song's "emotions" as a young pop star.
The British singer shot to fame after releasing the track, which catapulted him to the top of the charts around the world when he was just 21 - but the lyrics' sentiment was lost on Astley.
But Astley admits the song means more to him now after taking years away from the spotlight to spend time with his family.
Speaking on Britain's Live from Studio Five, he says, "I have very fond memories of it back in the day but now that I go out and sing again, when I do that song, I can relate to when people have said to me, 'That's our song, we fell in love to that song. We had it at our wedding.' Because I've had a bit of a life myself now, I can relate to it more.
"When people said that to me when I was 22, 23, it didn't have the same feeling. You've got to live your own life to feel those emotions. At the time, I didn't appreciate how big the song became. I was in the middle of that little bubble of my own. It was a number one around the world, and I was just kind of hanging on, to be honest. It was like a runaway train and I was just hanging on."