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I think the whole thing is terrible. Here you think you know someone and and in the end you really don't know that person at all. I am glad for you Richie. I am glad that you are standing up for yourself and not taking the crap. I am just very sad that all of this has to done like this in public. Because I know that is not the kind of person you are. I am a fan and will always be one till the end!!!! My thoughts and prayer's are with you and Ava. As you both have a long journey ahead.

Posted 11 years 8 months ago by sambora12901

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Still trying to understand this one....Cannot figure out why after 11 years of marriage, Heather had to humiliate Richie in front of the world. One would think after 11 years Heather would have the decency at least to call Richie and talk this through, at least get his side, and let him know the seriousness she is feeling.Her publicist states this is a private matter, and no other comments will be issued at this time. How much more unprivate could this be........when the husband hears on the radio his wife has filed for divorce, a phonecall or text message at least , before I would have my publicist announce that I filed for divorce, without acknowledgement at least to the man I was married to for 11 years, and the privacy of Ava , to be considered. Heather I know you are smarter than that!!!!Very strange case.....or are we missing something.........................bonnie

Posted 11 years 8 months ago by bonbon

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I think that if your wife is digging into your personal stuff,things are really bad and sad. It's better if she finally finds something(true or not)so you can put an end to that pityfull relationship.I guess that when your love,friendship and confidence are broken, if you try to remain attached to your couple, everything will be worse and harmfull.I hope that you can arrive to a friendly divorce, don't fight for money,it's no sense, you are more than that.I'll be there for you,Richie!

Posted 11 years 8 months ago by paki

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many aussie bon jovi fans thoughts are with richie and ava.. xxoo xxoo

Posted 11 years 8 months ago by lilmizkydo

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