BON JOVI star Richie Sambora has been promoting his new solo record anonymously to avoid "preconceived notions" about his work.

The guitarist is preparing to release Aftermath of the Lowdown later this month (Sep12) and the album marks his third solo project away from the band.

Sambora admits many music critics are not being told who the record is by to make sure they are open-minded about the project.

He tells The Hollywood Reporter, "Some of the people on (my record label) Dangerbird play the record for journalists or radio people and don't tell them who it is. It's really cool.

"People are going to have a preconceived notion of what this record is supposed to be. I think it's a great exercise because it lets people visit the music fresh, and after three songs they go who the hell is that? Richie Sambora. 'Get the f**k out of here.' I love that people are so surprised."