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I think Heather should meet up with Richie in person to really discuss this. Is it worth you giving up a marriage due to some bimbo's pictures? Men are an entirely different breed and view things like this in a way we women will never understand. I really feel for Heather and can see why she did what she did.I had learned a long time ago "not to react with emotions". Just calm yourself down and deal with the matter with a clear head. I hope things work out for Heather what route she goes.

Posted 10 years 6 months ago by Barbee

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if it was someone like paris hilton sending the pics then you'd understand it was because she is just a dumb bitch.. hopefully heather can realise its just some stupid jealous person that needs to get a life of their own.. she will never find a man as good to her as Richie has been.. if it was a fan then shame on you for sabotaging your heroes life...

Posted 10 years 6 months ago by lilmizkydo

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