Veteran British actor Richard Wilson has 'come out' as a gay man.

The 76-year-old One Foot in the Grave star has opened up about his sexuality in a candid interview after being named in Time Out magazine's list of influential gay people.

Wilson calls his mention at number 80 on the countdown "the most blatant outing", but admits he doesn't mind fans knowing the truth.

He tells Britain's Weekend publication, "I don't mind people saying I'm gay - because I am. But I don't live in a gay relationship... I do find the fact that I don't have a relationship quite strange. Sometimes I think it's just the way I've ended up and it doesn't worry me particularly. Other times, yes it does. But sometimes, no..."

The actor/director also told how he had only had one serious relationship in his lifetime - and it was with a woman.

He adds, "I had a very long relationship with a doctor when I worked at Paddington General (hospital as a lab technician). I think if I stayed with her I might not have become an actor. I suppose it is fair to say I haven't had a relationship like that since."