Veteran actor Richard Todd has broken his silence over the suicide of his eldest son PETER - who killed himself with a bullet to the head - eight years after his other son SEUMAS also shot himself. The HASTY HEART star, 86, was devastated when Peter, 53, took his own life amid the breakdown of his marriage to his wife JILL last September (05), and has buried his two late children side by side in a churchyard just a few miles from his home in Lincolnshire, England. And the Oscar-nominee hopes his final resting place will be alongside his sons. It was left to Richard's second wife VIRGINIA to break the tragic news of her step-son's death. He says, "I came home to find Virginia's car outside my house. I saw her coming towards me and said, 'What a nice surprise.' Then I saw the look on her face and... "Obviously I knew Peter all his life and he knew more about my way of life than anyone in existence. He was a devoted son, we shared so much, I miss him. "There's a space there for me too. It's my retirement home, I go down once or twice a week and have a chat with my boys."