Oscar-nominated actor Richard Todd is devastated after the alleged suicide of his eldest son - eight years after his youngest son shot himself.

PETER TODD, 53, was found in a car parked in Maidstone, England, at 7.35am (GMT) yesterday (21SEP05), reports British newspaper Daily Mail.

DAMBUSTERS star Richard Todd's youngest son SEUMAS was only 20 when he shot himself in 1997.

Shortly after Seumas' death Richard said: "It hasn't got any better with time. The loss is still there, and I still ask myself why did Seumas kill himself? Was it my fault? Losing a beloved child makes you continually ask why. What did I do wrong? Was it something I did? Was it something I didn't do?"

Richard, 86, hasn't made a public statement regarding Peter's death, but is said to be consoling his wife.

Kent police have not confirmed the incident as suicide, but said there are no suspicious circumstances.