Folk legend Richard Thompson is hoping to make use of the exclusive O.B.E. chapel at St. Paul's Cathedral in London now he holds the medal - even though he's a Muslim.
The beloved singer/songwriter was the recipient of the accolade last year (11) and he's still pouring over the small print to see what the award entitles him to.
And there's one perk the star, who converted to Islam in the mid-1970s, is very excited about.
He tells WENN, "There is a dedicated chapel in St. Paul's Cathedral, which I am planning to use on a daily basis now whenever I'm in London. Your kids can get married there."
Thompson, who now spends much of his time in California, admits he's glad the honour was bestowed on him last year and not a decade or so ago - as he may have become one of the big names who have turned an Order of the British Empire medal down.
He explains, "I think that because the honours system in Britain has changed over the years I did accept it... but 20 years ago I might not have done because I would have felt it was kind of favours and political backslapping.
"Because it's become much more of a community award... I think it's now much more valid... I'm happy to take one for the team - let's have a little focus over here on the British folk scene."