FAIRPORT CONVENTION star turned soccer coach Richard Thompson has signalled out Arnold Schwarzenegger's son for some "sadistic extra drills" - because he's a "selfish player".

Thompson, who is now coaching a Los Angeles Under-12 team, was unaware one of his players - WOLFGANG - was the son of the TERMINATOR star until the new Californian Governor made a spectacular entrance to one of his practice sessions.

The singer-songwriter says, "A thunder of engines and screeching of tyres makes every head turn and play grinds to a halt. A procession of five HumVs, accompanied by four CHP motorcycle outriders, makes it way down the long, sloping approach to our soccer field.

"The kids' jaws are agape, and our Governor steps out and lighting up a ROMEO JULIETTA (cigar), strides over. 'I was just passing, so I thought I'd drop off Wolfgang's shinpads,' says Arnold."

After requesting permission to stay and watch the practice session, Schwarzenegger - a keen soccer player in his own youth - then tried to exert his influence over Thompson.

However, Thompson, already annoyed at the high-profile interruption, ignored the action star's suggestions for his son after noting Wolfgang's ball-hogging play.

He adds, "Arnie comes over to me and says, sotto voce, that Wolfie likes to play striker, preferably at old-fashioned centre-forward. I say, quietly fuming, that I'll see what I can do.

"Practice is a farce from this point on - most kids being too distracted by pomp and the hype of it all to concentrate. One thing I do learn - young Wolfie is a bit of a ball-hog.

"I have a few painful and sadistic extra drills for selfish players."

20/02/2004 19:32