The Waltons Actor Joe Conley died aged 85. His co-star Mary Beth McDonough announced his passing on her Facebook page on Monday (8th July). Conley suffered from dementia. He died on Sunday 7th July at a care home in Newbury Park, Thousand Oaks, CA.

Richard Thomas
Richard Thomas who starred in The Waltons with Joe Conley. 

Joe Conley was born in March 1928 in Buffalo, New York. He was born into an acting family and played many small roles in amateur productions. He started acting after he served in Korea. His career was launched when he gained a small part in Lloyd Bridge's 1950 The Sound of Fury.

The Waltons was a family based sitcom. The series followed the story of the eponymous family as they lived through the Great Depression and World War II. Conley played the role of Ike Godsey, a cousin and friend of the Walton family. He owned the general store in the nearest town. Conley appeared in 172 of the 212 episodes of The WaltonsThe show ran from December 1971-June 1981.

Alongside Conley, The Waltons starred Richard Thomas, Ralph Waite, Will Geer and Ellen Corby.

After The Waltons, Conley went on to appear in a number of television shows including Mister Ed, Lassie, Wanted: Dead or Alive and Dennis the Menace. He also played parts in the film Castaway.

He is survived by his wife of 44 years Louise, and his children: Kevin, Julie, Erin and Jana.