Hip-hop mogul Richard Simmons is to join black rights leader REVEREND AL SHARPTON in an explosive new anti-KENTUCKY FRIED CHICKEN commercial after learning he was duped by the company's marketing men.

KFC bosses met with Simmons to explain their anti-cruelty stance recently after the Def Jam RECORDS co-founder went on the assault about the company's questionable practices that amounted to birds being cooped up in tiny spaces and suffering horrific injuries, while others were cooked alive.

Happy with the marketing bosses' renewed efforts to end cruelty, Simmons agreed to a moratorium of public screenings of a gruesome cruelty film, narrated by Sharpton.

But Simmons has since discovered, the KFC chiefs who visited him and Sharpton in New York were being anything but honest in their plans, and according to animal rights group PEOPLE FOR THE ETHICAL TREATMENT OF ANIMALS, the cruelty continues.

PETA spokesman MICHAEL McGRAW says, "PETA will relaunch KENTUCKYFRIEDCRUELTY.COM, and revive not only Rev Sharpton's video but run a blistering new commercial starring Russell Simmons himself."

11/04/2005 21:39