Richard Simmons features in a new in-flight safety video for 'Air New Zealand'.Richard Simmons, the American fitness guru and television personality, asks passengers to "stretch it up" when they put their travel bags overhead in a new promotional video for 'Air New Zealand', reports Fox News.The 62-year-old, most famous for his 'Sweatin to the Oldies' line of aerobics videos and Dvd's, appears in his recognisable 'short shorts' and sequins in the new video, which is the latest in a long list of bizarre promotional clips from the airline. In the latest video, Simmons runs through the in-flight "safety exercises" and promises to "get you fit to fly". The 62-year-old then shows viewers how to correctly position their seatbelt, saying, "When the seat belt sign comes on, buckle it in. To undo your belt, just lift the flap. No sweat!" The video was uploaded to YouTube yesterday (27th March 2011) and has already registered 250,000 hits.
Despite Richard Simmons comedy routine, Air New Zealand public affairs manager stressed that safety takes centre stage in the clips, saying, "Safety is paramount and non-negotiable at Air New Zealand, and Fit to Fly will again get our passengers sitting up and taking notice of these important pre-flight messages in an engaging and fun way. Simmons' fitness moves will definitely ensure that all eyes are on the safety briefing".