Australian actor Richard Roxburgh has condemned the use of 3D technology on new movie SANCTUM, insisting the temperamental new cameras turned the shoot into "a nightmare".
The Moulin Rouge! star appears in the new action thriller as an explorer leading a group of divers through an underground caving system, fighting raging water as they search for an escape.
The film's executive producer James Cameron made Sanctum with the same 3D technology he used in his blockbuster Avatar, but Roxburgh insists he wasn't impressed with the new way of working.
He says, "The 3D element made our lives just a little more difficult. 3D was a nightmare. Its camera is famously slow, and because it is new technology, it's fraught with issues. For instance, the camera runs very hot, and when it breaks down, it has to be rebooted and that takes time.
"Consequently the actors were paddling in water the whole time in wetsuits and we were freezing while waiting for the camera to be fixed."