Richard Pryor's daughter RAIN is blaming her father's wife Jennifer Lee PRYOR for the lawsuit against her and movie-maker Penelope Spheeris.

The ailing comedian, who has been crippled by multiple sclerosis, reportedly claims that Lee Pryor and Spheeris took the master copy of his first film appearance in UNCLE TOM'S FAIRY TALES and never returned it.

But the situation is shrouded in suspicion, as Rain has a good relationship with her father, and she insists his wife, who has power of attorney, is behind the legal action.

Rain fumes, "My father's wife is using my father's name to action a lawsuit against me."

A source tells British newspaper Daily Express, "The lawsuit was filed in LA last week. People were taken aback to see Rain's name on there as she and her father are known to get along. It's a strange state of affairs."

04/08/2005 14:12