Richard Pryor's widow JENNIFER LEE PRYOR has paid tribute to her late husband, admitting he could be "an angel and a demon".

The comedian died of a heart attack on Saturday (10DEC05) after years of battling degenerative nervous system disease multiple sclerosis.

Lee Pryor, who married and divorced the funnyman in the 1980s, before wedding him again in June 2001, admits living with Pryor was tumultuous.

She says, "He had a very dark side that could strike out and be very volatile at any moment.

"He was incredibly loving and vulnerable. When I met him, the thing that struck me most about him was his vulnerability. And I can tell you many women say this about him, that there was something so open and raw and refreshing about him.

"He was a bit of a rescue. Women want to cuddle that, and of course when you saw the other side, that was a different story. But you would forgive that other side because the angel would pop up again. (It was) very easy to love this man."