Late comic Richard Pryor has been honoured for his animal rights campaigning with an award in his name, by the People For The Ethical Treatment Of Animals (PETA).

The STIR CRAZY funnyman died of a heart attack on 10 December (05) after years of battling degenerative nervous system disease multiple sclerosis.

After consultations with his widow JENNIFER LEE PRYOR, PETA created the Richard Pryor Memorial Award, which was presented to ALDERMAN MARY ANN SMITH for her work with the Elephant Protection Ordinance in Chicago's City Council - a cause close to the late comedian's heart.

Pryor's wife says, "Of all the issues Richard worked on over the years, cruelty to elephants was dearest to his heart.

"He felt for elephants who are robbed of their freedom and families and sent to circuses where they endure chains, bullhooks, and beatings or banished to zoos where they spend a lifetime of boredom, confined in small, concrete enclosures."