Veteran comic Richard Pryor's life was dramatically changed by iconic satirist Lenny Bruce and jazz musician Miles Davis.

The LOST HIGHWAY star compares his devotion to Davis' album BITCHES BREW to his cocaine addiction and believes that he owes his prolific comic career to Bruce.

The 64-year-old says, "I never heard anything like Lenny Bruce before and I remember thinking, 'If this is comedy, then what the f*** am I doing?' So I played his record over and over, every night

"It was him who said comedy wasn't about telling jokes - it was about telling the truth."

He added that unlike cocaine, Bitches Brew was a great thing to be hooked on: "I fell in love with the pipe and it controlled my very being. That motherf***er say, 'Don't answer the phone, we have some smoking to do."

21/05/2004 17:17