The son of British director Richard Marquand is hoping to revive one of his father's lost film projects.

Marquand was working on a quirky Western set in Wales in the 1970s, but the movie was abandoned after he landed the coveted job of directing Star Wars Episode Vi: Return of the Jedi.

His son, James Marquand, has now revealed he plans to revive the film, described as a Welsh version of movie classic True Grit.

He tells, "Dad was having his arm twisted by the Hollywood studios to relocate the story across the Atlantic in order to obtain financing. But keeping it Welsh at heart was too important to him and he turned the offer down. Not long after that, in 1982, George Lucas came along and offered him the opportunity to direct the third film in his Star Wars trilogy, after which dad's career really took off and he never got the chance to return to his own pet project... It's a great yarn (story) and it would be a real thrill if I could carry it on where he left off."

Marquand wants to film the movie with a star-studded cast, and he is hoping to attract Sir Anthony Hopkins and Christian Bale, who were both born in Wales, to the production.

He adds, "Sir Anthony Hopkins would be perfect for the older of the two lead roles... Christian Bale would be the other Welshman at the top of my list - he's got the perfect look for that sort of world."

The elder Marquand died aged 49 in 1987 after suffering a stroke.