A company boss who created the infamous metal teeth sported by Richard Kiel's Bond villain Jaws has been ordered to pay $1,600 (£1,000) as a punishment for falsely claiming to be a dental technician.

Luis Fairman's technology company fashioned the terrifying metal dentures Kiel wore for his role as a murderous henchman in 1970s 007 films The Spy Who Loved Me and Moonraker.

Last year (13), he posted a video online in which he claimed to be a dental technician, but he has now been hit with an $800 (£500) fine and was ordered to pay a further $800 in legal costs after a hearing by U.K. industry watchdog the General Dental Council (Gdc).

Fairman, who runs a dental laboratory in Cornwall, England, admitted unlawfully claiming to be a dental technician when he was not registered with the Gdc.