Sophie Ellis Bextor admits pregnancy made her fashion sense go crazy.

The 'Murder on the Dancefloor' singer - who has two children with her husband Richard Jones - says she still cringes when she thinks about the outfits she wore when she was expecting her eldest son but blames her hormones.

She told Closer magazine: "There's a picture of me with peroxide blonde hair, florescent orange earmuffs and a Pink and purple tartan scarf with a blue coat."

However, while she was mortified by her choices, she said Richard wasn't bothered, finding her eccentric tastes "funny".

She said "Now I ask Richard, 'Why didn't you stop me?!' but he just says it was funny."

As well as her dress sense, the 31-year-old pop beauty also revealed pregnancy affected her tastebuds and she became addicted to Monster Munch crisps.

She said "Flaming Hot Monster Munch crisps. I ate a packet a day when I was pregnant."

Although Sophie admits to having insecurities when it comes to her figure, she is adamant that she will never diet calling it "unsexy".

She said: "I'm certainly not perfect, but I'd never diet - it's so unsexy. I have a trainer and I work out three times a week."