Bryn Pryor was hoping to screen Diminuendo at the end of February (17), but when he learned his leading man was near death he rushed an edit and got the movie to him before his death on 7 February (17) after a short battle with pancreatic cancer.

"This movie was incredibly important to Richard," the first-time director tells WENN. "He was afraid he wouldn’t live to see the film.

"Richard is brilliant in the film. It’s his best work ever. He didn’t miss a single beat. If Richard’s not talking on-screen, his eyes are. He’s made this little movie of ours incredible, and I miss him so much."

The film's producers will now turn the scheduled screening on 28 February (17) into a tribute to Hatch.

A spokesman says, "Many of Richard Hatch’s former co-stars over the years have been quietly confirming their attendance. The film itself will likely premiere at a film festival in late summer/early fall, to be followed by a release date that has yet to be set."

“Richard wanted this movie seen. It was vital to him,” said Pryor. “He said, ‘This is the last thing I’ll be remembered for. Get it out there', so we have to do that.”

The movie also features veteran actor Malcolm MCDowell and Star Trek icon Walter Koenig.