Late actor Richard Harris has cost his ex-wife an amazing $526,400 (GBP329,000) in storage costs for a Rolls-Royce car he forgot he owned.

The GLADIATOR star, who passed away last October (25OCT02), accumulated 35 years worth of $400 (GBP250)-a-week garage fees after purchasing the luxury vehicle, storing it in New York, then forgetting about it.

However, his wife of twelve years ELIZABETH REES, who he divorced in 1969, has now had to pay off the debt as she is responsible for his estate - and is having to sell the car to raise funds.

She laments, "It's heartbreaking to have it let it go, but as his sole trustee I have to get his affairs in order."

The vehicle, given to Harris as part of his payment for 1965 film THE HEROES OF TELEMARK, is expected to fetch $228,800 (GBP143,000) when it goes on sale at CHRISTIE'S auction.

29/09/2003 13:54