The young cast of English play-turned-movie THE HISTORY BOYS terrorised their on-screen teachers with a string of childish pranks. The boys, who play Oxford and Cambridge University wannabes in the film, admit teachers Richard Griffiths, FRANCES DE LA TOUR and Stephen Campbell Moore often fell victim to their juvenile pranks, but kept their cool. SAMUEL BARNETT, who plays student CROWTHER in the movie, recalls, "We were awful. We did stupid things like put whoopee cushions on their chairs. "The best one though was filling (fellow classmate) DAKIN's motorcycle helmet with water. It was during the stage production. Dakin could see it but there was nothing he could do about it - just put it on and got wet." The boys' long-suffering history teacher De La Tour confirms, "They did everything - chatted me up and sent me up. But they were lovely."