Veteran actor Richard Griffiths gets so infuriated with mobile phones his castmates are beginning to worry for his audience's safety. Griffiths, who recently toured the UK, New York, Hong Kong, New Zealand and Sydney with Alan Bennett's classroom comedy TH HISTORY BOYS, has been known to interrupt performances to berate theatre-goers who leave their phones on. Last year (05) he ordered a man out of London's National Theatre, when his phone went off for the sixth time. But castmate FRANCES DE LA TOUR fears his public wrath may ruin the production. She says, "You've got to be so careful with situations like this. "Richard only let his temper get the better of him twice on stage with The History Boys - once in London, once in the US. And I think he handled it well. "There's a danger however, that by doing so you step out of the play, and an actor should never do that on stage." Director Nicholas Hytner defends the actor, insisting, "Richard is a pussycat. The only thing that gets him angry is mobile phones."