Richard Gere used to test his compatibility with potential girlfriends - by showing them photos of body parts and severed heads. The Pretty Woman star reveals he used to collect Joel Peter Witkin's bizarre photographs, which he hung all over his apartment. Gere would gauge his dates' reactions to the odd shots - and that would help him decide if the romance was destined to work or not. He says, "It clearly was a litmus test about the women who came into my apartment - how they related to this work. If they didn't like it or they threw up, or whatever, they definitely were not going to be someone in my life." Gere's wife Carey Lowell was savvy enough to beat the actor at his own game when they started dating - she pretended to like the "crazy" photos. He explains, "My wife Carey actually kind of liked it - until we got married, of course, and then she said, 'Get it out of the house.'"