Actor Richard Gere is calling for a boycott of the 2008 Beijing Olympic, to put pressure on China to give Tibet independence. Gere, chairman of the International Campaign for Tibet and a devout Buddhist, is certain a boycott would force China to allow the Himalayan region to decide its future. The 58-year old star has been barred from visiting China for his support of Tibet and in 1993 spoke out about the plight of the Himalayan region at the Academy Awards. He says, "A general boycott to me certainly has value; it's probably impractical, but emotionally absolutely makes sense. "Why should the world reward people who are obviously so bad to their own people, so bad to other people. "At some point they are going to have to face the fact that this system they have committed themselves to will not work. The kind of pretend dualism of communism and capitalism will explode at some point."