Richard Gere knew his wife CAREY LOWELL was his perfect match when he took her for a full-on horseriding adventure - to test her. The movie star admits he once used art to test his compatibility with girlfriends but, with Lowell, he went for a canter. He explains, "It was important for me to have a partner who was ballsy, so I took her out riding in the snow and I didn't pull any punches. "She was right there with me, fearlessly taking jumps over logs." Lowell then had to content with her new boyfriend's snoring. He reveals, "It's really bad. I just had a device made that fits in your mouth and juts your jaw out like you have an underbite. "It locks in that position to keep your throat passage open when you sleep. This is the sacrifice I make for my wife. "It was either this device or me sleeping in the other room."