Richard Gere has rediscovered his love for baseball through his seven-year-old son HOMER, who has become an avid New York Yankees fan. The actor took his son to his first Yankees game last year (06) and now the kid is hooked on America's favourite pastime. And Gere is benefiting from his son's new passion - he got to take the youngster to baseball mecca Cooperstown in New York for this year's (07) Hall of Fame induction ceremony. He says, "Cal Ripken, Jr and Tony Gwynn, it was fabulous... I think there were 55 already-inductees who were there. Unbelievable." And Gere was stunned when his son recognised his father's Yankees sporting heroes. He adds, "I came in the hotel and my son said, 'That's Whitey Ford over there...' He knows all these guys."