Hollywood heart-throb Richard Gere launched a new initiative to fight AIDS in India in the western city of Bombay on Wednesday (07JUL04).

The CHICAGO star unveiled the three-year HEROES PROJECT - a joint plan by the BILL + MELINDA GATES FOUNDATION and the RICHARD GERE INDIA FOUNDATION TRUST - which aims to spread awareness on AIDS and HIV through various media forms.

Gere says, "A recent study has shown that three out of four Indians still have misconceptions about the disease.

"We will work with the media by holding events, concerts and embedding messages in various programmes. We need to involve radio, especially in rural areas, and DOORDARSHAN (India's national broadcaster) in the project."

Gere's younger brother DAVID, a UNIVERSITY OF CALIFORNIA professor, has also been working on a separate six-month research project in Bangalore, India with the prestigious FULBRIGHT FOUNDATION.

08/07/2004 17:25