Crusading Hollywood star Richard Gere is desperate to track down notorious Balkans war crimes fugitive RADOVAN KARADZIC. Gere plays a reporter hunting the 1990s Bosnian Serb in SPRING BREAK IN BOSNIA, which is currently in production. But the star admits he's becoming worryingly obsessed with his character's mission. He says, "As soon as I got here (to Bosnia) I started asking people, 'Do you think it would be possible (to meet Karadzic)?' And almost everyone just said, 'No, it's not possible, don't even think about it.'" However, he did find a few people who hinted the encounter could be arranged: "They did not say this but you see that in their minds. It's possible, but is it worth it?" Karadzic has been on the run for over a decade after being charged with genocide in 1995 by the UN war crimes court in The Hague, Holland.