Movie star Richard Gere has started strapping on a curious sleep device in a bid to stop snoring. The actor checked into a New York "sleep clinic" for the night to allow experts to monitor his sleeping, so he could control his snoring problem and they suggested he try revolutionary new headgear that reminds him of the horrific torture devices used in disturbing cult movie A Clockwork Orange. Gere says, "This is a device that fits in your mouth... It forces (your jaw) open and forward, so that your throat stays open, and it's horrific. "I haven't slept in six months because I have this thing in." But the effort Gere is putting in has impressed his sleepdeprived wife, Carey Lowell. He adds, "It got to the point where she wasn't getting any sleep... so I actually told her one day, `Look, I'm gonna go to the sleep clinic,' and she started crying because she was so happy that I was gonna do something about this."