LATEST: Actor Richard E Grant wants Withnail And I to hit the London stage despite fierce opposition by the film's writer/director Bruce Robinson. Robinson is fighting Hand Made films, the production company behind the 1987 classic, over their plans to adapt it for the theatre. The director is reportedly still yet to receive his full director's fee nearly 20 years after the movie's release, and he has accused film bosses of trying to wring extra money out of his popular story. But Grant insists the tale of two 'resting' actors in London is perfect for the stage, as long as Robinson directs it. He says, "This guy (Hand Made chairman) PETER MEEHAN, who has bought the film library of Handmade Films, has come up with this plan. "But he's never approached Bruce Robinson and he doesn't own the rights to do it as a stage play. Bruce was incandescent when he read about it. "I think it would make a good play - a few characters, set in a room. It's very dialogue bound and there's very little action, so I could see it working well. "If it does, I just hope that Bruce Robinson gets to do it, because he's never earned a bean of profit from Withnail."