The 68-year-old star has been performing for over 50 years, appearing in films such as Jaws, American Graffiti and RED during his career. He still keeps himself busy with work and enjoys being in front of the camera, though admits the spark has fizzled out a little these days.

"I can't say that I do," he told Total Film when asked if he still gets the same excitement out of acting. "I enjoy it as much as ever, but I don't feel I'll die if I don't do it. Hollywood demands that you must keep winning. I remember turning to a friend of mine around the year 2000 and saying, 'How often do we have to win in order to win?'"

The '70s were a successful era for Richard, as he won an Oscar and Golden Globe for 1977 movie The Goodbye Girl as well as landing award nominations for Jaws and American Graffiti. Recalling his triumphs, the actor described accepting them as winning a race that he'd put himself in when he was nine years old.

After starring in cinema's scariest shark movie Richard returned to the water for comedy horror Piranha 3D, also starring the likes of Christopher Lloyd and Eli Roth.

"I never saw the whole film," Richard confessed. "I was asked to do it and I said no because I was involved in reviving Civic Education in public schools. And then Mr (Harvey) Weinstein made me an offer that I couldn't refuse. It was obviously a great contribution to my non-profit organisation - and my salary! - so I said yes. But that doesn't mean I have to go see the film."

Fans can next see Richard in comedy flick Killing Winston Jones, in which he stars as the title English teacher who goes on a mission to get the school's new gym named after his father Winston. Danny Glover co-stars.